Restoring historic Tomball

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Welcome to Tomball, Texas

As downtown Tomball's most respected commercial property owner / developer, we extend our welcome to anyone wanting to pursue their dream of being a small-town business owner. What began many years ago as a family's affection for Tomball's warm hometown feel, we now own over 80 properties in its thriving 100-year-old historic Old Town district. Along the way, the Hutson Group has evolved into a family-run business responsible for the development of many restaurants, antique shops and retail boutiques here, and will continue to actively develop our community in cooperation with Tomball's citizens and city government to preserve Tomball's friendly, hometown heritage.

Available Now - Ready for Move-In

Retail / Office - 914 W Main St

Market Square in Tomball's 100-year-old historic district... coming soon.

Retail - 310 Market St

Retail - 312 Market St

Retail - 308 Market St

Coffee Bar - 314 Market St

Microbrewery - 306 Market

Craft Beer Pub - 304 Market St

Retail - 302 Market

Restaurant - 300 Market

Coming soon...

Recent news, updates and press releases

Bryan Hutson

From the basic design plans to detailed architecture and material selections, Bryan Hutson said he strives to preserve the history and character behind the nearly 80 locally owned properties he has helped develop in Old Town Tomball. "We purposely push down our rental rates lower than a lot of surrounding areas to encourage mom and pop [businesses] to come in," Bryan said. "I won't allow [chain businesses] into Old Town if I can help it simply because I want Tomball to look like Tomball and not Generica. For the Old Town Historic District, I want it to have that really cool look and feel—this is a real, live, 108-year-old downtown."

Old Town Tomball Development by The Hutson Group

Impact fees are one of the biggest challenges for small businesses looking to open in Tomball, said Bryan Hutson, attorney and owner of development company The Hutson Group. "Impact fees are only charged when the building changes occupancy," Hutson said. "If you have a building that's been retail its whole life and you have a bakery wanting to go into it, it's a change in occupancy, which triggers impact fees. Since we're developing Old Town Tomball, we're converting old houses and barns to something different, so every single business we bring to Tomball has to pay an impact fee."

Hoffman House by The Hutson Group

The city of Tomball's oldest residential structure—the Hoffman House—will soon become home to a new chocolate craftory and barbecue restaurant. The house is under renovation to bring the building up to code before local chocolatier Tejas Chocolate moves in this fall. Bryan Hutson, attorney and owner of development company The Hutson Group, is completing the majority of the renovations and has researched the Hoffman family history in Tomball.