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As Old Town Tomball’s most established and influential development and management company, we're always looking for great homes and buildings to purchase and commercially develop.

We specialize in preserving the nostalgic look and feel of all our properties to ensure the continued vintage appeal of Tomball's 100+ year old downtown district.


For over a quarter century, our family has been developing, restoring and improving historic Old Town Tomball, one building at a time. We’ve transformed vintage barns into wine bars and restaurants, as well as converting classic 1940’s-era houses into gift shops, salons, cafes and photography studios.

We use the finest materials and frequently repurpose wood, metal and brick that we salvage during renovation back into the same new (yet old) development.


With over 60 properties under our responsive and professional ongoing management, we're experts at helping you and your business grow and thrive as part of Tomball’s fast-growing historic district.

If you're interested in relocating your existing business -- or are looking forward to making your dream of owning your own business a reality --here in Old Town Tomball, take a moment to browse our available properties and become a welcome part of our community.


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Welcome to Tomball, Texas!

As Old Town Tomball's most respected commercial property developer, we extend our welcome to anyone looking to pursue their dream of their own small-town business. What originally began many years ago as one man trying to make a difference in a tired, dilapidated downtown Tomball, the Hutson Group has evolved into an influential family-run business responsible for the existence of nearly every restaurant, antique shop, boutique and wine bar in the Old Town area.

Below are just a few examples of the nearly 40 businesses we've helped make Old Town Tomball their home.